Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are programs not insured or sponsored by the government up to $417,000.00 loan amount within the state of Florida. These loans have the benefit of no Premium Mortgage Insurance (PMI) with 20% down but can be obtained with as little as 5% down and only 3% down for first time homebuyers. Also with conventional financing you can purchase in condominiums and developments that are not government loan approved. Most condos, townhome projects, and some gated communities are not available to buyers using a government loan program because the development has not been approved.

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Conventional Loan Advantages

What is the advantage with a conventional loan? If you have solid credit with scores over 720 the rates are better than government. Another advantage is that unlike government loans, you can get the PMI removed after a year of payments and proving there is 20% equity in the property with an appraisal.

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