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If core values like putting clients first and service through integrity appeal to you then we are your company.

We finance Florida residential property working with the top wholesale lenders in the country to deliver quality loan products. As a mortgage broker company we have so much more to offer than your standard lenders.

Florida Real Estate Loans is licensed by the state of Florida and regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

We do it right and deliver a loan with the least amount of cost compared to any lender we researched including the one’s firing missiles. That said nothing happens until you move forward.

We put what we promise in writing. Look at our testimonials. These are real people who put their trust and futures in our company’s hands.

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Conventional Loans

Rates are at a historic low giving you unsurpassed buying power. Thinking of buying? With just a few minutes of your time, we can make you into a cash buyer. Cash buyers get the best deals because they can negotiate with leverage. Find out more.

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Government Loans

Have a VA benefit? Want to purchase up to four units with 3.5% down? We have that covered. Does your area qualify for a USDA loan with “no” money down? Yep, we do that, too. Working with a professional makes all the difference in the world. Let’s see what loan program fits for you.

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Looking for Cash Flow?

Want to take advantage of today’s housing market and low interest rates? Get preapproved for an investment property loan before you begin your property search to leverage your buying power.

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Fixer Upper?

Have a house you want you want to renovate? You don’t even have to own it first! If you have found the perfect house but it needs some sprucing up when you purchase, we have you covered with renovation loan programs. One mortgage that covers both purchase and improvements.

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