Investment Loans

If you are on this page, you already know investment properties provide a vehicle that allows you to enjoy the potential for market appreciation while building equity each month. In addition, the monthly cash flow from a real estate investment can provide extra income to your wallet, help you pay debt, and, over time, allow you to live life on your terms. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a single family home, condominium, 1 to 4 family, or an apartment complex, getting the best loan is essential to your bottom line.

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Our Loan Specialists

Our loan consultants buy investment properties so we do what we preach. Rental property is one of the strongest self-liquidating investments you can make. Here are just a few points:

  • Did you know you can buy 1-4 unit properties with just 3.5% down?
  • You can buy investment properties with hard money?
  • We can pre-approve you for purchasing investment property before you begin your search?
  • Owning rental property has potential tax benefits?
  • Florida Real Estate Loans can finance apartment building up to $5,000,000.00 with no income verification? Really!
  • That by answering a few simple questions you can start down the path of investment property real estate mogul?

It is not rocket science but it does take a little work. We are smart at investment loans and will not waste your time. Let’s get started today.