Why do business with Florida Real Estate loans?

Teamwork: We respond with a yes, we can do it for you, we can make it happen. We are a team of service-oriented individuals who focus on customer needs, work hard, and are ready to do whatever it takes. We know how important integrity and honesty are to a relationship, any relationship, whether it be a business or personal one. By taking a sincere interest in listening to their needs and being ready to assist, it’s easy to see why our customers appreciate the service we provide.

Make your loan work for you by finding out what is included in your monthly mortgage payments. Buying a home? Finance is the most powerful part of a successful transaction. Florida Real Estate Loans, Inc. works with the largest wholesale lenders in the business today.

One of the biggest advantages in using a mortgage broker is that we are experts in the mortgage industry. As Brokers we study the market and know the trends so that our company is familiar with what cutting edge products secondary wholesale lenders are offering.

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Banks historically have fewer loan options available to offer their clients. A loan officer who works for a bank is obligated to sell you loan products that have been chosen by their employer to offer the public. Florida Real Estate Loans, Inc. is not under that obligation and can give you unbiased service and selection. Ever been denied for a loan and couldn’t figure out why? Many times it has nothing to do with the credit worthiness of the borrower but rather the conservative attitude of the bank.

Lastly, loan officers at retail banks are not required to be licensed with the state. Therefore, most loan officers at banks are not fully aware of the state guidelines for each loan program. At Florida Real Estate Loans, we do business only in Florida. We are experts within the Florida Market.

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When you connect with us, you will be one step closer to your finance goals. A mortgage originator will be in touch and make this a process you will fully understand by discussing every with you. There are no funds required up front. In fact, it is against the law and our policy is always complete customer satisfaction.

You can always talk to us by phone and we welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Simply call us on the phone at 888-631-5993 or email us at [email protected] for a quick response.